“The use of a variety of marketing techniques and approaches to raise awareness of financial products and services, collect leads, and convert them into client base is known as financial services marketing.”

Financial service marketing comprises a range of marketing methods and approaches to raise awareness of financial goods. A sequence of recurring marketing efforts is used to collect leads and turn them into loyal consumers. Financial services are marketed using two basic methods:

  • Digital marketing: Social media, Pay per Click, Search engine Marketing, etc.
  • Traditional marketing: Television, radio, & print media, etc.

The majority of financial service companies consist of a combination of digital and traditional marketing. However, due to legacy methods, most businesses continue to rely on traditional marketing methods. Whereas, this is improving as Digital marketing strategies in the financial sector are exhibiting their effectiveness in reaching customers. It is critical to understand the results of these new marketing activities in order to properly apply them yourself. Appropriate financial services marketing raises awareness, lowers client acquisition costs, lowers churn, and increases revenue.

Importance of Marketing in the Financial Service Industry

The financial services business is one of the world’s oldest. Furthermore, everyone needs financial services at some time in their lives as it includes a wide range of value-based dealing with lending, investing, insurance, and money management, among other things it has traditionally been a key part of the overall economy.

The global economy is continuously evolving and developing, as is the technology that individuals use to connect with it.

Previously, various financial institutions provided virtually the same services to the same consumers and had no need to be concerned about competition. That has altered as a result of “technological transformation.”

According to research, 17% of the newcomers in the industry have taken over one-third of revenue growth in the timespan of just 13 Years.  The new entrants use technology in traditional financial services, altering the competition’s boundaries by reframing product and service delivery. Consumers’ faith in financial institutions has never been lower, and they have developed a taste for services that communicate directly to their demands in a way that they really are ready to hear. As a result, financial services marketing is one of the industry’s most crucial steps.

This large number of new companies and technology has made it more necessary than ever to invest in financial services and digital marketing. Competition is strong, and you must be able to contact every possible consumer you can, all while respecting the industry’s standards.

A proper marketing plan is critical to success, and a full-service digital marketing firm like IT Sarkar can assist you in developing and executing a strategy that will provide the best outcomes.

Which Financial Institutions will be benefited

Commercial/ Investment Banks Commercial/ Investment banks are a vital part of the financial system. They deal with things like helping businesses make decisions on what to invest in and how to raise money from private sources. Most of the time these companies offer advice or guidance to large companies that make important decisions on large amounts of money.

Investment companies An investment company is a company that pools money from investors and uses it to buy and sell stocks, bonds, real estate, and other types of financial assets. This can help investors to earn higher returns on their savings and investments. These companies can also help to diversify a portfolio and typically do not charge any fees for the service. 

Brokerages A brokerage is a business that can help you buy and sell stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments. They can help you trade on your own or through a company or investment bank. Brokerages make money by charging commission fees and offering research.

Insurance Companies Insurance companies provide protection for many things. When you buy homeowner’s insurance, it protects you against theft, injury, and damage to your house. Car insurance protects you in case of an accident. In case of any of the above, insurance companies will cover the costs of repairing your home or car.

Functions of Financial Service Marketing

Financial service marketing assists financial institutions in the following ways:

  1. Helps in Differentiating their company by identifying and communicating their narrative.
  2. Build awareness and trust by articulating their distinct value propositions.
  3. Produce results that strengthen their brand and propel growth.
  4. Create strategic communications initiatives that support their goals and generate new business.
  5. Provide an outstanding client experience.

Three Most Effective Financial Service Marketing Strategies 


Whereas previous generations and baby boomers preferred to receive products from sales representatives who could advise them and set up personalized (or not) accounts for them, millennials and Generation Z frequently prefer to do everything themselves with as little contact with human representatives as possible. Establishing and promoting digitalized financial products and customer service or experience channels that allow customers to register for services online, modify products or services online, and view their information without visiting a branch is an effective and increasingly necessary trend for financial institutions. However, it is not a universal marketing technique because you may not offer things but merely services.

Social Media:

81 percent of the population has a social media account, and many spend up to 4-5 hours every day on social media. Your intelligent and continuous usage of one or more social media platforms is an important financial marketing approach that you cannot afford to overlook. Social media platforms are used by Millennials, Generation Z, and even Baby Boomers to engage with companies, learn from others, and keep up with current events and news. Maintaining a consistent presence on one or more sites with a strategy in place to provide value to followers will assist you in building brand credibility, creating marketing possibilities, and expanding your client base.

Automation of Data:

Most financial institutions have more data than they realize what to do with, but this is changing rapidly. Consumer experience platforms and automation technologies make it easier than ever to use and apply data as part of your financial services marketing plan. Big data, for example, can tell you who is saving up for a large purchase and is most likely to require pre-approval for a loan; it can help you identify and offer services before or after they are required; it can help you target types of customers for additional customer service or digital financial knowledge, and it can help you put a limit on required customer service.

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