What is Mobile Marketing? 5 Quick Things to Know Before Start

Mobile Marketing

“Mobile Marketing is the art of utilizing multi-channel, digital marketing strategy for the purpose of reaching a targeted audience on their mobile phones, tablets, & other smart devices”

Any marketing effort that seeks to promote goods or services using handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets is referred to as mobile marketing.

It is a method of using technology to provide targeted promotions of goods or services to a consumer who is always connected to a network.

Why is Mobile Marketing Important?

  • People are spending 89 percent of their time on mobile applications, indicating that mobile devices have taken over communication.
  • Because of their smaller size, mobile devices simplify the overall perspective and amount of content. Users can simply carry mobile devices around and make purchases whenever they want because they are smaller and lighter than desktops.
  • In comparison to the past, Mobile reduces the time it takes to make a purchase by 20%. 50% of mobile phone users are expected to buy anything right away when using their handsets.
  • After viewing relevant advertising, 91% of mobile phone users consider purchases or buy various products.
  • Customers who use smartphones are twice as likely to buy from companies that have applications or mobile websites with information tailored to their location.
  • Mobile devices account for 40% of all internet transactions.

What is mobile marketing

Advantages of Using Mobile Marketing

advantages of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing offers numerous important benefits over traditional marketing.

  • It is considerably more accessible and you don’t need advanced technology or much technical knowledge to initiate a mobile marketing effort.
  • Now it is relatively easy to monitor the efficiency of mobile marketing efforts.
  • It is also quite affordable. There are several choices available for any budget, and the impact may be enormous when compared to the cost. In general, social media marketing is far less expensive than acquiring radio or television ad space.
  • The ability to reach customers anywhere in the world in real-time can also be achieved with mobile marketing whereas, it is only possible to market through radio or television when customers are in front of the television or listening to the radio.

Types of Mobile Marketing

There are various mobile marketing tactics to explore for your company. The effectiveness of the plan is determined by factors such as your budget, industry, and consumer group. Some of the mobile marketing techniques are;

SMS Marketing

This is by far the most frequent way of mobile marketing. Marketers utilize this channel to reach out to clients via their mobile devices with offers as well as other vital information.

Voice Marketing

Voice marketing is when companies use computer-generated automated phone calls to sell their products or services. It is up to the client to determine whether or not to answer the phone.

In-App Advertising

This method refers to all advertisements on mobile devices that appear when specific apps are opened or in progress. These advertisements can take the form of full-image banners, banner pop-ups, or video commercials that display during loading screens.

QR-Code Marketing

Customers are taken to the connected site where they may see additional information about a certain brand after scanning these barcodes with their phone’s camera.

How to do Mobile Marketing?

Techniques of mobile marketing

Figure 1: Best mobile Marketing Technique

Mobile Marketing is the Future

According to the research on mobile vs desktop usage statistics, the mobile-only audience in the world will expand to almost 19% by the end of 2022, while another research estimates that 79% of smartphone users keep their phones on or near them for at least two hours a day.

Today, the universe has more mobile devices (8.7 billion) than people (7.1 billion), owing to our intense hunger for new technologies.

According to United Nations data analysts, 71.5 percent of residents over the age of 13 own a smartphone, and 66.5 per cent internationally own a smartphone (U.N. data, GSMA Intelligence).

Thus, mobile marketing strategies will certainly increase the growth of your business because this won’t stop here. 

New technologies will be born, More and more people will use cutting-edge technologies in the coming years, and relatively high amounts of marketing will be possible by using these strategies.

How to Automate Mobile Marketing with IT SARKAR

It Sarkar offers a Bulk SMS service for Businesses to send SMS to a large number of clients at once.


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What are the examples of Mobile Marketing?

Promotions of any product or service by SMS text messaging, MMS multimedia messaging, downloaded applications utilizing push notifications, in-app or in-game marketing, mobile websites, or by using a mobile device to scan QR codes are all examples of mobile marketing.

What are the benefits of using Mobile Marketing?

It helps to reach more clients in less time, as mobiles are easy to use and this process of marketing is affordable.

How can I Start Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing advantages Instant results. Since a mobile phone is generally always on and within reach of its user, that person will get the message as soon as it is delivered and be able to respond to it. …
affordably priced.
Create a relationship with your customers, reach your audience, and make it simple to track user feedback.
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