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When it comes to social media marketing, there are a lot of things you can do wrong that can make or break your success. You may have heard people say success leaves clues and there’s definitely some truth to that.

 If you’re looking to get into social media marketing, there are plenty of ways you can learn from others who have been successful in the industry so you don’t make the same mistakes they did, avoid failure and see success for yourself.

Here are 5 things to avoid if you want to succeed in social media marketing

1. Not Clearly Defining Your Goal

The cost of not following the plan can be very high as well as brutal. If you don’t optimize your posts properly and place graphics where they belong, then there is a big threat that your competitor could steal your post’s popularity and leave you with no traffic at all.

If you’re performing social media marketing within a timeframe that is too broad or narrow then your audience will never grow beyond the niche of people who are currently interested in what you have to say through your brand voice.

And social media management is one of the biggest components of success – because it takes time to see which posts get shared and repeated the most, and only a few professionals have the skills necessary to know when to change up topics or create a new page altogether.

2. Not Understanding Your Target Audience

The most important component of social media marketing is understanding your target audience. Know who you’re targeting and understand their needs before creating a campaign.

If you’re running a seasonal promotion, make sure your social media posts are not out of season. Remember, there’s no such thing as ‘too much when it comes to social images- try using graphics with different designs and holiday stickers for events such as thanksgiving or any religious event.

Share your own holiday traditions and stories to engage customers with social video content. Investing time in finding the right words:

Social media users often have short attention spans so use keywords like great or wonderful sparingly.

Find the right balance between high-quality images that take more time and those that can be edited quickly; this will help you reach people on different schedules without sacrificing quality.

Establishing an SEO Strategy: Connecting your blog post to an SEO strategy will allow customers to find what they need from social networks – use search engine-friendly keywords.

Keep these points in mind when establishing social media management processes for long-term success!

3. Starting Too Big

The biggest mistake people make in social media marketing is starting too big. They jump right in and start uploading everything they can think of, forgetting that the person viewing it doesn’t know who you are.

  • Be patient and focus on only one or two platforms at a time.

Remember, it takes time to build up a following on social media so don’t be discouraged if you see very few people looking at your page for the first month or two.

  • Start with a handful of great photos or articles and work on growing that before expanding onto other networks or sites.

Give yourself the best chance for success by doing things in manageable steps; this will also help keep your workload manageable as well!

  • Use an appropriate timeframe when setting goals for each social network. Set realistic goals for what you want to accomplish in six months instead of a year (or vice versa).

For example, when setting goals on Instagram remember that you’re not trying to attract 500 followers overnight but rather have them gradually increase over time. 

4. Starting Without a Plan

One of the most important steps of any social media marketing campaign is starting with a plan. And you don’t have to be a marketer or a professional blogger to write one. You just need to know your business, your audience, and what you want them all to do. What does that plan entail? Here are six common elements:

1) Define Goals – Know what your goals are so that as you get responses from social media marketing channels, you’ll be able to measure whether or not you’re achieving those goals.

2) Develop Strategy – Plan out how you will go about implementing your social media marketing strategy. For example, deciding on the types of posts that will work best for each channel and determining when you’ll post on each channel.

3) Determine Outreach Strategy – Decide who needs to see this message.

4) Identify Platforms – Decide which social media platforms you want to use in order to communicate with your customers and potential customers.

5) Establish Routine – Create a routine for yourself so that this becomes easy to implement into your life on a regular basis without much thought going into it. In addition, set aside time during your day to review social media results, respond to messages and comments on your profiles, research new content ideas for posts/feeds/posts, etc.

6) Measure Results – Track how well you’re doing by measuring the number of people who view and engage with the content that you’ve posted.

5. Choosing the Wrong Networks

If you don’t know what the best networks for your brand are, you’ll likely choose the wrong one.

There are many different social media networks, so knowing which ones fit your industry and target market is key. For example, LinkedIn is a great tool for B2B businesses or marketing professionals, and consumers who are looking for a more professional tone.

Facebook, on the other hand, works well for social/media businesses as well as B2C-focused companies that already have a large following on Facebook.

Pinterest is geared toward women while Twitter and Instagram are popular among more fashion-forward shoppers.

Knowing where your audience already spends time online will be the best way to know where they’re most receptive to seeing your posts too. Having a strong presence on the right networks can help increase traffic to your website, boost customer acquisition, or increase conversion rates. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when starting out with social media marketing is not taking enough time to research their options and instead just choosing the first network they come across because it’s easy to set up accounts there.

Social Media Marketing

Best Social Media Marketing Technique

There are a variety of different techniques that are being used for social media marketing.

  • These techniques vary depending on the industry, but the most common for social media marketing is blog marketing.

Blog marketing is a very common and effective technique for social media marketing. The blog is a great way to engage your audience. It is an opportunity for people to share your content and spread the word. Blogs can reach a lot of people, and the number of people who will read your content is often greater than just the people who follow your account.

Blog posting is also a great way to build a brand as marketing a brand through a blog creates a very strong presence.

Social media marketing is not easy, but it is effective when done right.  Blog marketing is one of the best ways to market a brand, engage your audience and grow your social media presence.


Social media marketing can be difficult especially when you don’t know what to avoid. We compiled five common mistakes, which we believe many marketers make, that can lead to less than desirable results. Avoid these, and you will have a successful social media marketing campaign. Once you have a successful campaign, don’t forget to share it with us and leave a comment! If you are interested in learning more, you can visit our blog at

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