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Time is money whether you are a businessman or a student. Build your brand in the right direction.

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Avail the opportunity to be part of the largest digital platform with multiple free resources

Rocket Science for Sales Growth

No rocket science is involved but the process needs to be followed. All you need is a team of experts to increase your sales growth.

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We Made Tons of Mistakes When we first started in the business. Spending HUGE budgets on training & experimenting with different digital marketing tools to find out the right solution. Each time we faced challenges in reaching the proper knowledge and direction.

Here at IT Sarkar, you will get what you need, what you want or what you really can do with your exciting mindset and skills.

Proven methods of the right tools of digital marketing with directional knowledge can bring you to your destination.



Enabling Digital Trends
Here are even more Services!

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Onsite & Offsite Marketing
  • Website Audit
  • Brand Outreach
  • Local Area Marketing
  • Quality Link Building
  • Digital Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Re-Targeting Efforts
  • Adwords
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Ad Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Lead Generation & Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Writing Services
  • Web Design & Development
  • E-Commerce Ordering System
  • Booking System
  • Brand SMS System
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Web Security & Backups
  • Video Production

World-Class Websites Designs

We are crafting ideas into reality

  • Blog – an online journal or informational page that’s regularly updated.
  • Business – generic website detailing all areas of a business.
  • Brochure – one or two page-website displaying a company’s basic information.
  • Crowdfunding – used for accepting ‘pledges’ and donations for any given cause.
  • Ecommerce – website selling products or services.
  • Niche Affiliate Websites
  • Educational – usually an interactive website with educational information on any given topic.
  • Media or Entertainment – regularly updated content on current affairs, sports, and entertainment.
  • Nonprofit – similar to business websites, but encouraging visitors to assist with any given cause.
  • Personal – online resume displaying your work experience and skills.
  • Portal – typically internal websites for schools or businesses where users log in to systems.
  • Portfolio – online portfolio displaying your creative work.
  • Job Board – job portals or job board modules for any organisation
  • Business Directory – a commercial listing platform for businesses

Build your Brand with Videos
We help You to Face Camera with Confidence


 Educational Videos


Introductory Videos


Short Video Ads


Interview Videos


Inspirational Videos

Reach Viewers Across Globe, Earn the Trust Factor of Your Clients & Attain Higher Conversion
Certainly, marketing has changed over the last years and has been completely transformed. With the advancements made on the Web and the Internet, these changes have become more and more and provided open space for digital marketing. For this reason, video production is a major issue in small and large businesses today.
So we are offering amazing services to grow your brand.
Just Explain your vision as precisely as possible, We will help you to Reach Viewers Across Globe, Earn the Trust Factor of Your Clients & Attain Higher Conversion
We develop and market the video as per your business idea and need:
  • Explainer Videos
  • Advertising Videos
  • Introductory Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Interactive Videos
  • Online Talk Show
  • Corporate Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Royalty-free music
  • 1080p HD Quality
  • Full Commercial Rights

Corporate Sales Growth

Explore the world of digital marketing and learn how individuals and businesses can earn millions using the power of digital marketing. We’ll cover the basics of digital marketing and delve into the strategies that have helped many marketers generate massive revenues.

Grow Your Business with Digital Transformation || What, Why and How

Digital Transformation is not a single-click process, You have to work dynamically and change your existing system into a digital system, while you are marketing, management, operations, advertising, data management etc

Budget for Business Transformation

Every Business needs & wants are different according their business setup and processes, So first you have to analyse your business and then discuss with an expert to make a budget plan to get better results

How We Are Helping Businesses To Grow Faster

It’s really difficult to understand and decide that who can help us and how can someone will help us to grow faster. But if your vision is clear than you can choose a vendor wisely.

What is Virtual Assistant & Why Every Business Need VA

Virtual Assistants are angles in this digital era. Because whatever you are doing and wherever you are, you can hire a related skilled person from all over the world

Two Step Formula Before Going Offline to Online

There is no fix method but if you follow these steps you will get t he answer to start in a effective way.

Business needs Money or Idea

People are stuck to start any idea into a startup, so watch this video and clear your mindset that what is actual need on which you have work consistently.

Leads Generation Program

Lead Generation is a process to get customers, but you have to follow a process, watch this video it will help you to understand what should you know before advertising.

Scale Up Your Business with Ecosystem

Everyone is interested to grow and earn millions but without an ecosystem, nobody can grow. Before starting your business transformation you must be aware of the ecosystem concept that why you need networking and collaboration.

The Secret of Rapture

Our Minds are crafting thoughts, and our thoughts have crafted our personality, But if you didn’t transform with technology then you will be left behind the competition


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Real support by real people

We offer the best support and service you can imagine in digitilizing your business with the help of  IT Sarkar. Get in touch with us if you got any questions and our team will respond, that’s for sure! We got thousands of solved threads and customer satisfaction of 97%.

We do care that your business runs great!

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